The type of orthodontia Dr. Merkel performs in his office is called “Biobloc”.  Biobloc, short for “Biobloc Orthotropics”, is the brain child of Dr. John Mew of the United Kingdom.  Although this term may not be familiar to most, it’s a type of treatment that has been practiced in general dentist and orthodontic offices around the world for many years.

The following paragraphs are intended to explain what Biobloc is and why it is Dr. Merkel’s preferred treatment protocol.

The primary objective of this treatment is to achieve facial balance and to correct poor oral posture at rest.  The jaws of many children are too small to accommodate all their teeth.  Some orthodontic treatment corrects this by extracting teeth, but Biobloc aims to avoid this option.  By promoting forward growth of both jaws using a series of simple appliances, the need for extractions is prevented.  The result is adequate room for all the teeth to align.

In addition, by recognizing the profile and balance of the face, a person’s airway is not compromised and can often be improved.  Later in life, a compromised airway can be associated with such problems as TMJ, headaches and sleep apnea.

Ideally, Biobloc is performed on those children nine years of age and younger, although it is possible to see results in children up to 15 years. 

Treatment length

Treatment is performed in stages.  Some patients will complete two stages, others will require four. 

Treatment can last as few as six months and as long as five years.  Patients will be seen every two to three weeks.  It is important that Dr. Merkel be made aware as soon as possible if the appliance is damaged or no longer fits properly.

Informed consent

Informed and cooperative patients, as well as informed and cooperative parents are vital to the success of treatment.

Biobloc is completed in a series of stages.  Some patients will complete two stages, others will complete four.  Please find below a brief description of the various stages.

Stage 1 and Stage 2

Expansion of maxilla (upper jaw) and protrusion of premaxilla.

Stage 3 and Stage 4

This appliance is intended to move your bottom jaw and teeth forward and at the same time straighten the top ones.  It is designed to hold your teeth together.  The main goal of this appliance is to aid in the development of correct facial posture.

You will be given a patient instruction sheet after receiving each new appliance.

For pricing information, please call our office. 

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